The second Invid Invasion

Caught Unaware!

First the Haydonites betrayed the humans and were fought back with the destruction of Space Station Liberty, then the Regis left the Earth taking with her the last of the protoculture and flowers of life. The only remaining protoculture was what is left in the ships and mecha on the moon base and the few remaining vessels in the area. A pair of capitol ships left on a mission to try and find the SDF-3 with the protoculture matrix inside. The two ships are commanded by Commander Vince Grant and General Reinhardt. They have been gone for over a month and no reports have been received on their progress.
Reports from Earth state that the flower of life was not taken completely by the Regis. Fields of the flowers have sprung up in Europe, Asia and North America. As if on que the Invid returned. While not in nearly as big of numbers as was with the Regis it was still more then enough to over whelm the few remaining defenders. The only remaining command carrier was destroyed in a manner of minutes. Even with the shadow cloaking device it was still very visible to the swarm and proved too tempting a target. With the destruction of the command carrier the captain of a light carrier named Harrison took control of the situation and ordered the remaining vessels to dive for the planet surface and attempt to fake crash landings to try and preserve what troops and mecha remained. The ruse worked and most of the vessel’s captains were smart enough to fake their crash landing on continents that did not have fields of the flower of life.
The Invid quickly settled in on earth. Intelligence reports that this group of Invid is obviously not being led by the Regis. The biggest clue is that the Invid are using inorganic troops. It is assumed that these Invid are a splinter group trying to evolve in their own direction.
Captain Harris brought his light carrier down on the east coast of Brasil. The ship sustained damage but it is still operable. All troops and mecha took cover and shut down their protoculture devices. The Invid left them for dead and moved on. Over the next week Captain Harrison has been gathering what ever information he can and is gathering as many resources to him as possible. This includes making contact with the other downed troops, mecha and ships and get a handle on the situation.
So far the Invid believe they have won and are staying close to their hives. Squads of inorganic Hellcats are sent out to patrol the ground for miles surrounding each hive. The Invid patrol the air but only mostly in the vicinity of their hives and the surrounding area. Every couple days several Invid troop carrier launch into orbit and spew out armored scouts that patrol the debris field in low orbit. They patrol any where from 8 to 16 hours before loading back into the carriers and heading back to the surface. As far as anyone can tell the Invid are paying no attention to the moon base, that is still intact, or the almost 1,000 old Zentraedi wrecks that still orbit the Earth in a high orbit out near the moon.
Captain Harrison has sent engineers in Shadow Betas and Shadow Alphas into orbit to attach communication arrays to some of the wrecks in the debris field and onto several of the Zentraedi wrecks to establish communication with the moon base as well as communicate with other resistance fighters on other continents. When ever the Invid patrol the debris field all communication is put on hold until they go back to the surface.

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