The second Invid Invasion

The Return of the SDF-3
A hero's welcome!

With the discovery and return of the SDF-3, and having Factory City back in orbit, the inhabitants of Earth have a celebration that lasts a week! People often comment that they feel safer seeing Factory City in the sky above. The factory can be seen with the naked eye day or night as it orbits above the Earth. When the light is right even the large ships can be seen from the surface.

Almost 2,000 refugees from Hevea depart the Breetai and immigrate to Earth. They bring their flocks of striders and herds of rams with them and join the ranching and farming communities of old North America.

The repairs of the SDF-3 are completed in a short time. Admiral Hunter holds endless conferences on how to respond to the Haydonite threat as well as how to go on the search for the missing ships that went out to find him. Most people believe they were attacked by the Haydonites and that is why they have not been in communication. The fist thing the Haydonites do in an attack is to knock out communications and disable the fold drives.

Admiral Hunter attempts to conscript the Breetai and it’s crew to join forces in the search but RahZor advises him that he will withdraw his support if he tries to interfere with the Breetai’s mission. In response Admiral Hunter backs down and does not interfere with the Breetai’s departure back to the old Zentraedi territories.

Rahzor holds a secret council with the command crew of the Breetai before the ship departs. He confides in them that he has come to a realization. With the threat of the rogue Invid group, the Haydonites and who knows what else he has come to the conclusion that the Breetai will need some sort of local support. Having Factory City a month away will not be of much help in a pinch. He came to the realization not long after the Breetai left. So he built an automated ship. It is the hull of a Zentraedi landing ship. In it’s many holds are thousands of repair drones and defense drones, and it has a large protoculture matrix. He named the vessel the Haven. It launched from the factory right before you folded back to Earth. For the last month it has been searching for a missing factory satellite. When the masters were gone looking for old factory satellites they had a list of nine possible satellites that might still be in existence. They were up to number six on their list when they had found the three and brought them to Earth. The Haven found a satellite at the last location on the list. It’s an older model and it is completely depleted of supplies. The Haven transferred it’s matrix to the satellite and powered it up. Then it folded to a location deep in space but at a location in the center of the old Zentraedi territories. That way the Breetai could fold to it, or a support vessel could fold to the Breetai in a matter of real time minutes or hours rather then a month. The next duty of the Haven is to go out to locations where supplies are piled up like on Hevea and gather them back to the satellite. The satellite has been renamed Sanctuary.

Rahzor confides in you that Sanctuary will become a portable way station for your mission. He cannot take Factory City away from Earth because the Earth and the UEEF needs it. It will be able to resupply you and provide support when needed once it has gathered enough supply’s to it. The Haven is working alone to gather supplies but once the right materials are gathered Sanctuary can build the mining machines and go to a secret location that is the only known location left for monopole ore. Publicly the only location for monopole ore has always been Fantoma but the planet has been mined clean. The Masters did know a second location but they kept it a secret buried deep in their archives. RahZor discovered it during his research to recreate the protoculture matrix. With a new supply of monopole ore Sanctuary will be able to create fold capable vessels.

The amount of monopole harvested from the wrecks around Earth is barely enough to create a dozen more fold drives. The UEEF knows this and are fiercely debating how to best put this limited resource to use. Currently the only known fold capable vessels are the SDF-3, the four destroyers built by Factory City, the Jeegan, the Breetai and Factory City itself. It is assumed the fold drives aboard the two “rescue” ships have been disabled or destroyed. There is one Caberran ship with a fold drive but they use it sparingly since their supply of protoculture is limited to what the UEEF gives them.

The Perytonians have a form of magic fold drive but it is much slower then a monopole drive powered by protoculture. The amount of real time that passes during “Teleport” is almost quadruple that of a monopole fold drive. A Perytonian teleport drive is based around their crystal technology and requires a specially trained “Pilot” to operate and aim the teleportation. It has to be a certain size and the drive has to be a minimum distance from any large gravitational source. For these reasons only their largest platforms have a teleportation crystal and they must travel a minimum of half a million miles away from a planet the size of Earth to attempt a teleport. Currently the Perytonians hold the monopoly on fast travel between the local systems but they are so rude and charge such high fees most people just make due with what they have or use slower conventional speed vessels to do their business. There are a few Perytonian business men that are making a fortune conducting trade between the local systems.

A New Era

With the mere threat of the new Archer Class gun ships the Invid were persuaded to leave Earth behind. Now that the Invid are gone the people of Earth are once again free to go about their business as they please.

The giant factory satellite with it’s dozen appendages dismantled the outer debris ring in a matter of weeks but it took almost a month to dismantle the much larger inner or lower debris ring. The factory remains in low orbit and can be seen with the naked eye from the Earth’s surface. It’s supply holds are full from reprocessing all the wrecks in orbit.

The Masters are using the extra materials to benefit the people that are trying to rebuild society. Their original plan was to build a massive automated city that everyone could simply move into but this idea was dismissed because the masters were convinced that the people would be better off if they built their society on their own. So the masters changed directions and instead have built a network of depots around the globe. Each depot is near a large natural source of water. The depot consists of a power plant, a water and sewage treatment plant and a landing platform for a large anti-gravity vessel modeled roughly after the Zentraedi reentry pod. It resembles the pod in size and shape. The main difference is the bottom half of the large cargo area is reserved for cargo containers and a second upper deck is added to be used by passengers. There is a large gathering area, a couple observation areas to look outside and even small cabins people can use if they wish to travel in private. The “reentry pods” were quickly renamed “Cruise Liners” and eventually it was shorted to just “Liners”. More then a dozen Liners make regular stops at most depots. At firsts the Liners were completely automated but most are now manned with a small crew and service personnel to manage the passengers and respond if there is trouble.

To encourage people to build towns and cities around the depots the Masters are providing prefab housing and hooking all the buildings to the water, sewer and power network. Some depots are centered around farming towns and others around ranching communities as well as others have production type businesses.

A world wide communication network was also installed so no pocket societies are left alone in a time of need. With the world connected it was only a short time before a world currency was implemented. With all the UEEF soldiers wanting to spend their “credits” it was no small jump to make the Credits system a world wide currency. Local people can sell their goods for credits and then turn around and buy what they need.

The Masters did get to build their city eventually, but it was not on Earth. They built it in the upper level of the factory. One level is a sprawling city measuring three miles across. The next two levels below are each automated farms that grow a large assortment of fruits and vegetables and the there is a even a pig and cattle ranch on the level below the farms. People in Factory City often comment that the air smells better now that there is a ranch on board, they say the air smells more real. The civilians in Factory City run businesses that cater to the many soldiers and travelers that come to the factory while their ship is serviced or repaired.

The UEEF’s main base of operation is still the moon base though there is a secondary headquarters on a deck located above Factory City. All the fleets vessels are maintained at the factory so there is always a good number of soldiers on leave in Factory City.

The lower two sections of the factory and the appendages are still used for their original purpose. They produce mecha and ships and also repair and maintain the ships. The second level or middle level also makes vehicles and machines for civilian use. Now that there is a world currency people are wanting to buy vehicles, tractors and many other machines. The masters and the UEEF engineers came up with the designs and it is a simple matter for the factory to produce them. All proceeds of the sales to civilians go to the UEEF. The Masters refuse to take any compensation and often comment that they wont live much longer so they couldn’t spend it anyways.

The UEEF is still concerned about the protection of the planet so more then a dozen ships were rescued from crash sites on Earth. Along with another two dozen Archer Class gunships provided by the factory they were also able to repair three escort carriers and eight more Garfish transports and six more horizant shuttles. Now a veritable fleet circles the Earth and Moon at all times. There is still active recruiting going on to fill those ships with pilots to man the many empty mecha. There is always the fear that the Haydonites will return and they want to be ready.

Commander Lorna took the Jeegan on a search and rescue mission to find any remaining Zentraedi that may still be alive. Most were killed when Dolza’s command structure exploded but her reasoning is that if she survived, maybe others did as well. The Masters provided her with a list of likely places she may find survivors and they installed a pair of micronization chambers to one of her drop ships so she won’t have to bring back any at full size. She has been gone two months. Her ship is capable of faster then light communication and she has been making regular reports. So far she has had limited success. A commander of a crippled Zentraedi destroyer had put all his troops into hibernation but did not put himself in hibernation. After ten years he went insane and has methodically woken up his soldiers one at a time and hunted them down in some sort of demented sport. When Lorna arrived it was evident he was beyond rescue so she killed him herself while piloting a striker battloid. She did find that he hadn’t been able to kill all his troops because there was almost 200 male soldiers still in hibernation. She woke them up and micronized the lot. They joined her crew and quickly acclimated to the mixed gender society aboard her ship. On another stop they found a colony of full sized Zentraedi females. They took turns in the few hibernation chambers so have only aged about fifteen years in the last thirty. They were on the verge of starvation when Lorna found them and were also happy to join her crew as micronians. Lorna still wants to stop at several more locations before returning to Earth. She also reports that the new additions to the crew should get used to the mixed gender society a little longer before they come back and try to live among civilians.

Further Actions

Zalah sends out her striker battloids on another hit and run on the Invid flagships that were crippled and remain on the ground. They moved in fast and unleashed a hail of rockets and were gone just as fast. The flagships still on the ground were even more crippled if not destroyed along with the workers that were doing the repairs.
As if in responce three flagships left orbit and flew to the surface. Two ships went to the Atlanta hive and one went to the hive in northern Italy.
Albert was close at hand and he reports the Invid at the Atlanta hive gathered all the resources they could and loaded up the flagships and left. The only thing left behind is the hive shell. Even the towers around the hive were dismantled and taken. The flowers of life in the fields were stripped and taken as well. Then the three flagships converged just outside the lower debris field and sped off at top speed. With in 20 minutes a fold was detected and the three flagships were gone entirely. After studying the sensor data of the fold operation it is confirmed that it was an Invid vessel or vessels that performed the space fold. Albert got as close as he could before they left and tried to listen in on their plans. He did not hear any definite plans, mostly all he heard was that they were going some where that they could lay low. Someplace with a “good sun”.
So with those three flagships gone that leaves six flagships in low orbit and 13 occupied hives on the ground. At each of those hives there is evidence that the green houses are being rebuilt as well as towers are being built around the hives to provide a protective force field.

Green House down!

With their forces bolstered the Invid resistance has made a bold move. A massive coordinated strike was made simultaneously on each hive. The primary objective was to destroy the green houses before the mutated flowers and their fruits matured. That part of the mission was completed successfully at every hive. Secondary objectives were to disable any flagships on the ground and to attack the hives and hopefully destroy the brain controlling the Inorganic forces. These objectives were not all completed. At some hives the Invid were able to withstand the assaults and repel the attackers.

As the fighters retreated and the dust settled the numbers are tallied. Of the seventeen Invid hives five were able to completely repel the attackers on the ground and sustained no damage to the hive itself. Two of the hive invasions were a complete success, the brain computer was destroyed and the Invid completed abandoned the hives in full retreat. These successes were in Napa California and the hive on the Spain Portugal border in Europe. At the hive in Europe the cyclone squadron managed to kill the commander of the hive as it was attempting to retreat.

The remaining Invid at the defeated hives have consolidated their forces with another hive. The California hive occupants joined with the hive in St Louis. The Portugal hive occupants joined forces with the hive in northern Italy. All remaining Invid ships that can fly have joined the two flagships in lower orbit by the debris field. So the total count of flagships in orbit is now nine and they are joined by eight clamship carriers. Over the next week the only good news about the increased presence in orbit is that there does not appear to be many Invid occupants. Spy missions in the debris field reveal that hardly any Invid troops are with the flagships. The Invid seem to feel that the flagships are safer in orbit then on the ground. Recon missions on the ground and high altitude fly overs show that the remaining 7 flagships on the ground are being repaired at a rapid rate. The green houses at 15 of the hives are also being rebuilt but it will be months before any new plants will grow in them.

The Invid at the Atlanta hive fared well in the fight and responded by sending several dozen troops to Atlanta and leveled the city. Thankfully Capt Harrison anticipated their reaction and sent half a dozen horizant shuttles to town and evacuated most of the city before it was destroyed. In all almost three thousand people were saved and they estimate only a few hundred people refused to leave the city.

The losses to the resistance troops is as follows. Of the 300 cyclone riders 215 survived. From Thalia’s troops, 25 of his micronian bioroids were destroyed leaving 73 to continue the fight and 51 of the gun bioroids were taken out leaving 149.
Commander Scion lost 55 of his 200 battle pod battalion leaving 145, a number he is satisfied with though he does ask that short range missile launchers be added to his battle pods for future battles.
Commander Zalah lost none of her female warriors owing to the speed and maneuverability of her striker battloids as well as the nature of their mission being strictly a hit and run operation.

A message from the moon base reports that the Science and Clone Masters have arrived with the factory satellites. Without any type of diplomatic contact the factory immediately begins collecting old Zentraedi wrecks from high orbit and the three large central portions of the satellite swallows them up and begins work on dismantling them and turning the materials into parts for the new gunships. RahZor takes the commanders of the moonbase on a diplomatic trip to the factory. There they meet the masters in person. There are two science masters and only one clone master. They are shown the operations of dismantling the wrecks and the materials being turned into parts for the new gunships. As they watch parts are smelted and formed and shipped off down the long corridors leading to the factory appendages where the gunships are being constructed. All the work is being done by thousands of work drones of various sizes and purposes. The Masters explain that they retooled the factory to make the parts for the new gunships during the trip back to Earth as well as reprogrammed the drones for their new tasks.

The gunships will be mostly automated needing minimal crew to man the bridge. They will not have fold drives but they can accelerate up to 0.16 the speed of light and will have anti-gravity drives for the purpose of maneuvering the ships and slow speed operations inside the atmosphere. The main gun will have a range of 150,000 miles and a beam 1,250 feet wide. One important note is that the shadow device cannot be installed on the gunships. The shadow device interferes directly with the massive particle beam cannon and will cause the ship to blow up. Also, protoculture reserves on each gunship will allow the vessel to fire the main gun four times before needing to be recharged with protoculture. The masters estimate that twelve gunships will be fully operational in 20 days. The commanders of the moonbase quickly convene a council to select the commanders of the gunships and their bridge crews.

Orbital control

The clock is ticking. The Invid are getting closer to their chance to ascend to the next level. The resistance needs to get protoculture to the moon base and in return get vital supplies back. The answer came in the form of some diversionary tactics and a direct assault on one of the two Invid command carriers. With the return of RahZor and a new ally they were able to open a hole large enough to get two shuttles packed to the brim with missiles and ammunition back to the surface to Capt Harrison’s resistance fighters on the ground.
The Invid’s response was to increase their presence in orbit so the next encounter will be on a much bigger scale.
Capt Harrison is making full use of the new supplies and is making plans for a large assault on the four hives south of the Himalayan mountains. With the aid of his 300 trained cyclone riders and Thalia’s bioroid and gun bioroid troops the main goal is to destroy the greenhouses and secondary to destroy the hives themselves if possible.
Captain Harrison wishes to send four shuttles back to the moon and is requesting they return with a supply of long range missiles which will be fired from the light carriers, the Hurricane and Tsunami, as his troops are retreating.

Brazil base.
Population explosion!

With the addition of the Zentraedi villagers and the Tiresians the population of Capt Harrison’s Brazil base has almost tripled. Thalia sent several of his troops on hover platforms to scout the forest for a suitable place to set up his people and the Zentraedi villagers. After a couple days they found a good source of water near a chunk of an old Zentraedi wreck. Thalia guesses it is the nose of a destroyer. His drones immediately go to work salvaging materials from the wreck and making suitable living structures for his people. The bioroids clear space for fields and they are already planting crops within a couple days. Thalia says that the science masters built drones for all sorts of purposes including farming. They were only put to use for the brief period between when the Regis left and the new Invid arrived. Now that shadow technology has been discovered he says all his drones have been shadowed and can be used without fear of Invid detection. In a couple weeks the Tiresians and Zentraedi have a small town built. They have running water and even electricity provided by wind turbines. Their few roads are even covered in crushed rock to allow water to drain off quickly. They begin making contact with other villages to trade for livestock. More then a few of the Tiresians are skilled craftsmen and are quickly turning out quality furniture, pre-fab buildings and other items to trade with. The Zentraedi are good farmers and work in the fields along side the drones.
The drones slavage a couple protoculture storage devices from the wreck and Thalia’s hover platforms take them to the matrix and get them charged. A pair of the devices hold more then enough protoculture to keep the drones running for a couple years.
Thalia’s mecha troops spend a majority of their time at the Harrison’s base waiting to be deployed to fight the Invid.
Most of the people at the base live in either the Hurricane or Tsunami carriers. The 13 horizant shuttles are in the area but do not have built in living quarters. There is a training field set up to teach new recruits how to pilot the cyclones.
Lt Commander Friday wants the ship yards on the moon powered back up so they can convert several of the horizant shuttles into combat drop ships. He has volunteered to join a distraction raid on the Invid in orbit to allow some horizant shuttles to pass through the debris field without fear of Invid detection. The horizants that get through will be carrying enough stored protoculture to make command at the moon base happy, for a little while anyways. The new source of protoculture will also allow the moon base to start up production of missiles and other ammunition.

Cripple the Enemy
Clamship down!

With the aid of Thalia and his bioroid friends as well as a pair of shadow alphas The group managed to destroy the Invid clam ship as it was taking off to patrol the lower debris field. Feeling bolstered by their success the group decided to do a hit and run on the nearest hive while they were in the area. The two alphas opened a sizable hole in the force field and a barrage of missiles opened a hole in the side of the hive. Three brave cyclone riders ventured in and managed to find the local brain. With out hesitating they launched a barrage of missiles destroying it thus disabling all the inorganics outside. Then they realized they were pressing their luck and made for the hills.
After returning to base Hellan informs the group that the Zentraedi village to the south has sent out a distress signal. The message states that after hearing several very large explosions everything was quiet for about an hour. Then a patrol of Invid soldiers on hoversleds straffed the village and then landed, came in on foot demanding, in Zentraedi, that they surrender their weapons or be destroyed. The villagers say they plan flee to a wrecked Zentraedi scout ship buried in the jungle just north west of their village and hide there and hope the Invid do not find them.


The Horizant shuttles have been located as well as some other things.

First, all twelve shuttles are intact and functional as well as is their cargo. What has held them back is their lack of mecha pilots and the shuttles did not have shadow cloaking devices. Since they are in such proximity to four Invid hives they were afraid to relocate.

Second, the presence of a population of Tiresian citizens with functioning mecha has also been discovered. Not only are they citizens and warriors they also have science masters and clone masters that have encouraged a new clone of the original “Zor” to take up the study of the flower of life and he has once again discovered the secret of protoculture. This new Zor clone is named Rahzor. The science masters have also redesigned some of their traditional mecha with a few changes to their old designs.

Captain Hollingsworth of the horizant shuttle agreed to share a couple shadow cyclones with Rahzor and the science masters who quickly discovered the secrets of the shadow device. In return they are equipping each of the twelve shuttles with a shadow device so they can relocate away from the hives.
Captain Harrison has ordered the convoy of shuttles to lift off and join his group as soon as they have functioning shadow devices.
Hollingsworth ordered two of the shuttles to leave the area the following night to test if the new shadow devices worked. A contingent of shadow equipped micronian bioroids on hover sleds escorted the pair of shuttles out of the area. They did not encounter any Invid patrols so they got away unmolested. When the shuttles were over the ocean the escort turned back and returned to their base.
Captain Harrison has issued new orders to Lt Commander Friday. While he is in such close proximity to the Invid hives he is to gather as much intelligence as possible on the enemy. A secondary mission is to gather intelligence on the new allies, the Tiresians and the science masters.

New assignment.
To the Asian continent!

Studies of all the shared sensor data during the second Invid invasion in orbit shows a convoy of fully loaded horizant shuttles taking a massive shipment of shadow equipped cyclones from the moon base to Earth. During the invasion the convoy dove for the Earth but no one has been able to contact them since. It is estimated the convoy went down in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains north of the Indian ocean.
The group will be transported to an island in the Indian ocean by the horizant shuttle and then carried to the coast by a shadow beta. From their the group with make their way north with cyclones and Tommy in the silverback. The area has four known Invid hives spread out roughly 100 to 150 miles apart.
Tommy and Hellan will join the group again but this time Ken will remain in North America to assist in the protoculture theft operations and to try and expand the intelligence network.

Mission Complete

The mission was successful on several points. First of all the group did not stir up the Invid in unnecessary battles.
Second, Albert was located and operations were put into place to steal protoculture regularly from a hive 35 miles north of St Luis. And to top things off the group came up with the brilliant idea of simply dropping the protoculture canisters into the Invid’s own irrigation canal and letting the current take the protoculture out of the area right under the Invid’s nose. Plus Albert is training local freedom fighters how to avoid the Invid so that he can start up other protoculture theft operations at other hive sights.
Third, the group has developed a valuable intelligence network. Various freedom fighter groups have been networked in to the communication’s network and are sharing intelligence.

Capt Harrison is very happy with the results and gets permission from command on the moon base to promote everyone in the group one rank higher. (If you were not already assigned a rank that assume you started at the lowest rank and have now been promoted one rank higher.) Lt Commander Friday is still the ranking officer in your group and will continue to lead the group on the next mission.

(Dave, at the end of the night everyone got 5,000 XP for the successful completion of the mission.)


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