The second Invid Invasion

New Orders

After your report on the happenings in and around old Atlanta Capt Harrison commends you on your success and recommends your mission be expanded to include gathering additional intelligence assets. IE: Recruit local resistance members to report any information they can gather on the Invid and report on any assets they have at their disposal. Including weapons and mecha as well as trained pilots. Captain Harrison also states that if necessary more radios could be dropped by a shadow beta if the locals do not already have a radio that can link with the communications array in orbit.
If your team is successful at acquiring more protoculture maybe it can be shared to arm the resistance mecha as well.

Bumps in the road.

The Invid have made no strangers of themselves on the trip north. While still in Florida the team found a pair of resistance fighters making a stand against an Invid enforcer. The group came to the rescue when it turned out the enforcer wasn’t alone. The pack of six hellcats were dealt with in quick fashion and they even managed to salvage a protoculture canister from the enforcer’s speeder. The party as given food and shelter for the night and pointed in the direction of the old Atlanta Georgia city where they might be able to find someone in the resistance that might be able to lead them to Albert.
The next morning the road north took them with in four miles of a known Invid hive. The group found a human truck being searched by a pair of enforcers and being guarded by three armored scouts. Lt Friday came up with the idea to draw the scouts away from the truck and the helpless humans. In the mean time Ken and Tony’s character, does Tony’s character have a name, fought the enforcers with their sabers in hand to hand combat to prevent the humans from getting hurt.
Lt Friday and Hellan first drew off the scouts then destroyed two of them quickly. The third scout tried to get away but a well placed rocket brought him down and he was quickly finished off.
The men in the truck begged for the group’s protection on the road to Atlanta and in exchange they provided a good meal. So far the group has been able to avoid breaking open their emergency food rations on the journey.
The next day the caravan arrives in Atlanta around noon. It looks like there are several thousand people living in the city. The men in the truck say that they are planning on trading their food and produce for lumber from the lumber mill, pipes and other plumbing parts and if they are lucky, one or two refurbished electric motors.
The first thing the group notices is the patrols of Invid flying low over the city. There are also enforcers in the city streets. Some are just walking around, others are cruising slowly in their speeders. There are also several packs of hellcats wandering around. The Invid do not appear to be attacking or even searching for anything, they are just making their presence known.
Ken starts asking around and finds a couple members of the old resistance that he knows. They talk in the corner of an outdoor market. They say the Invid have been showing up for the last three days. People have been plotting to ambush the Invid patrols but the resistance is doing their best to keep the people calm. They are trying to convince the people that attacking the Invid in the city will bring grave consequences.
There are fields and fields of the flower of life to the east. There is a hive complex there. A pair of resistance fighters were caught approaching the hive and the Invid dropped the bodies in the center of town the day before their patrols showed up at the city.

A new Mission

While gathering assets is a good thing Capt Harrison also knows that the protoculture they have will not last forever. He held a general meeting to discuss ideas on how to make the current supply last as long as possible. Kentomai bought up the fact that the Invid are currently making all the protoculture they need and why not steal from them? Harrison probes Ken for more details on past operations where protoculture was taken from the Invid. Ken admits that since the Invid are not using human laborers this time it will be more difficult but he does know of a man that can help. He was experimented on by the Invid and now he believes he actually is an Invid even though many people have tried to convince him other wise. His name is Alfred. The last time Ken saw him was in North America near Missouri. Ken says that if anyone can steal protoculture from the Invid it’s Alfred.
Capt Harrison calls for volunteers to go on a mission to find Alfred and convince him to join the new resistance. Kentomai volunteers and so does Hellan Lovejoy. Lt John Friday volunteers as well.All three are accomplished cyclone riders. Capt Harrison suggests that maybe a silverback should go along as well. In vehicle mode it can function without protoculture and it could carry extra supplies as well as provide fire support should the group encounter trouble. There is even room for another cyclone rider in the group thus bringing the group up to five members.
The mission should go as follows. The horizant shuttle can take the group as far as the southern tip of Florida. There are no Invid hives in that area so the shuttle should go undetected. From there the group would head north using as little protoculture as possible. Ken will be the intelligence officer questioning the locals and following up with contacts to try and locate Alfred. Hellan will be communications. Her VR-38R cyclone is capable of linking with the communications array in orbit. Lt Friday is the ranking officer so he will lead the party. The silverback and additional cyclone rider will provide extra support.
Hellen’s cyclone is already equipped with a shadow device, Ken and Friday’s cyclones are switched out with shadow variants of their saber cyclones. The only shadow equipped silverback available to the group is a VM-9E Espionage model. While it is somewhat lacking in firepower it does have advanced sensors and communications that can be a backup should anything happen to Hellan’s cyclone. It also has extra room for storage. A marine from the motor pool volunteers to pilot the silverback. He is knowledgeable in field repairs and can pilot the silverback in combat. The rear storage rack for carrying a spare cyclone is reconfigured to hold four additional storage boxes. So each cyclone will carry two storage boxes and the silverback will have eight.
Before the mission Hellan has a pair of mini-missile launchers added to the front wheel hardpoints on her cyclone adding four more missiles to her arsenal bringing her total number of missiles to ten. Four on her cyclone and six in her rocket cannon. She also has a wolverine assault rifle with a built in grenade launcher fully loaded. In her cargo boxes she manages to squeeze in four spare clips for the wolverine, eight grenades and ten extra plasma mini-missiles along with her emergency supply kit.
The silverback has four mini-missile launchers, one on each wheel, so it can fire up to eight missiles before needing to reload. The silverback is also equipped with a HRG-70 Rapid fire rail gun as a side arm. It can provide superior firepower without using protoculture. Each of the eight storage boxes carries five spare plasma mini-missiles as well as two clips for the wolverines and four spare grenades for the grenade launchers, as well as holding as many emergence supplies as will fit. A field repair tool kit and two spare ammo drums for the rail gun are stowed in the silverback’s passenger seat.

More allies recovered!
Rescued from the deep.

Ken and Lt Friday were among a dozen cyclone riders sent into the Andes Mountains to question locals about a missing ship. It “fell” the sky during the second invasion but everyone has lost contact with the vessel.
Friday and Ken were assigned the three villages furthest to the north. The first two did not produce any good leads but the third was a different story. When they arrive it was almost night fall and the one hundred remaining people had barricaded themselves into their town hall. When questioned they reported that they had seen the ship fly right over their town and then land over the ridge in a near by valley. That was the beginning of their nightmare. Ever since the ship passed over each night reptilian monster come every night and took their people away. Almost two thirds of the people were gone.
The two cyclone riders patrolled the town that night and ended up killing ten velociraptors and a T-Rex that came to town looking for an easy meal.
The next morning they went over the ridge and found the missing ship. It was another escort carrier like Hurricane. This was is called the Tsunami. It landed on the valley floor only to fall through the ground into one of the Regis’ old genesis pits. Because the captain had order all the hatches open to create drag as the ship was coming down all the dinosaurs were able to swarm into the ship and feast on the unsuspecting crew.
In all Lt Friday and Ken rescued 59 crew including a communications officer named Hellan Love Joy. Most of the damage to the ship was delt by the Invid. Reinforcements had to be called in to make a few repairs so the ship was able to fly out of the hole and join Capt Harrison and the Hurricane on the east coast of Brazil. Currently at the base are two escort carriers, a horizant shuttle, about a hundred cyclones and 37 large mecha made up mostly of Alphas and Betas. Yes, most of them are shadow but a few are of the older designs.

Caught Unaware!

First the Haydonites betrayed the humans and were fought back with the destruction of Space Station Liberty, then the Regis left the Earth taking with her the last of the protoculture and flowers of life. The only remaining protoculture was what is left in the ships and mecha on the moon base and the few remaining vessels in the area. A pair of capitol ships left on a mission to try and find the SDF-3 with the protoculture matrix inside. The two ships are commanded by Commander Vince Grant and General Reinhardt. They have been gone for over a month and no reports have been received on their progress.
Reports from Earth state that the flower of life was not taken completely by the Regis. Fields of the flowers have sprung up in Europe, Asia and North America. As if on que the Invid returned. While not in nearly as big of numbers as was with the Regis it was still more then enough to over whelm the few remaining defenders. The only remaining command carrier was destroyed in a manner of minutes. Even with the shadow cloaking device it was still very visible to the swarm and proved too tempting a target. With the destruction of the command carrier the captain of a light carrier named Harrison took control of the situation and ordered the remaining vessels to dive for the planet surface and attempt to fake crash landings to try and preserve what troops and mecha remained. The ruse worked and most of the vessel’s captains were smart enough to fake their crash landing on continents that did not have fields of the flower of life.
The Invid quickly settled in on earth. Intelligence reports that this group of Invid is obviously not being led by the Regis. The biggest clue is that the Invid are using inorganic troops. It is assumed that these Invid are a splinter group trying to evolve in their own direction.
Captain Harris brought his light carrier down on the east coast of Brasil. The ship sustained damage but it is still operable. All troops and mecha took cover and shut down their protoculture devices. The Invid left them for dead and moved on. Over the next week Captain Harrison has been gathering what ever information he can and is gathering as many resources to him as possible. This includes making contact with the other downed troops, mecha and ships and get a handle on the situation.
So far the Invid believe they have won and are staying close to their hives. Squads of inorganic Hellcats are sent out to patrol the ground for miles surrounding each hive. The Invid patrol the air but only mostly in the vicinity of their hives and the surrounding area. Every couple days several Invid troop carrier launch into orbit and spew out armored scouts that patrol the debris field in low orbit. They patrol any where from 8 to 16 hours before loading back into the carriers and heading back to the surface. As far as anyone can tell the Invid are paying no attention to the moon base, that is still intact, or the almost 1,000 old Zentraedi wrecks that still orbit the Earth in a high orbit out near the moon.
Captain Harrison has sent engineers in Shadow Betas and Shadow Alphas into orbit to attach communication arrays to some of the wrecks in the debris field and onto several of the Zentraedi wrecks to establish communication with the moon base as well as communicate with other resistance fighters on other continents. When ever the Invid patrol the debris field all communication is put on hold until they go back to the surface.

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