The Micronian Gunships


Micronian Gunship
Length: 900 ft.
Width: 300 ft.
Speed: Hover stationary using anti-gravity. Up to 0.16 the speed of light with reflex drives.

Main Partical Beam Cannon, Range: 150,000 miles. Beam Width: 1,250 ft.
Long Range Missiles: 12 launch tubes. Payload: 48 missiles.
Short Range Missile: 8 launchers. Payload: 160 (20 per launcher)

Mecha Hanger:
Two small hangers one above the other. Each hanger is capable of holding 12 alpha sized mecha.
There are four large airlocks on top for launching from the upper deck. Each airlock can hold two mecha. There are six airlocks on the lower deck, three per side, each air lock can launch one mecha at a time.

Crew Quarters:
While the ship is mostly automated with drones for repairs and maintenance there is a need for bridge crew and mecha pilots. In addition to the bridge there is a mess hall and lounge area and eight rooms set aside for the bridge/command crew, twelve rooms for the mecha pilots and four more rooms for engineering personnel if the captain decides the drones are not keeping up. (Each room for the crew can accommodate four people.)

Protoculture Reserves: Each gunship can hold enough protoculture in reserve to keep the ship running for five years if it does not fire the main gun. If the main gun is fired up to four times there will be enough energy left for the ship to function for one more year before running out. Of course the crew can only last as long as the supplies of food and water.


The Micronian Gunships

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