The Jeegan


The Jeegan
Length: 1,500 ft
Width: 1,000 ft.
Speed: Cruising Mach 5, 0.16 the speed of light max.

Commander: Lorna (Female micronized Zentraedi)
Crew: 125 (female micronized Zentraedi) 25 (Male micronized Zentraedi)
Mecha/pilots: 150 Zentraedi Striker Battloids, 200 REF Orricers Battle Pods


The Jeegan is identical to a Zentraedi Scout ship on the outside but very different on the inside. The interior is configured to fit a crew the size of humans rather then the giant Zentraedi. There are five decks for the crew and supplies and two large hanger decks.

Deck one contains the bridge as well as officer’s quarters and officers mess and lounge area. There are eight large rooms for the command crew for the ship and an additional ten rooms for the mecha pilot officers. Each room can comfortably house four officers each without feeling cramped.

Deck two has the primary mess hall and lounge area as well as food preparation area, food storage areas, and an infirmary with two dozen beds, each manned by a medical drone. There are also twelve rooms to house the crew that work in the area. Each room can accommodate four people comfortably.

Deck three is the primary deck for crew housing. Four 750 ft long hallways extend almost the length of the ship and are crossed by eight more hallways that are 550 ft long. Among the many hallways are 1,100 rooms each measuring 12ft wide and 25ft deep. Most of the rooms are not occupied though each could comfortably house four crew.

Deck four is designed to be munitions storage and access to the missile launchers as well as the laser cannons on the nose of the ship. The deck also shares space with the fold drive as well as the ship’s power plants.

Deck five has repair bays and automatic repair drones all programmed to repair and maintain striker battloids and battle pods. There are a dozen repair stations each accessed from lifts that can transport mecha to the two mecha hangers below. There are also five large airlocks on each side of the ship that can launch mecha from this deck. This deck also shares space with the fold drive and power plants.

Deck six is the large mecha hanger. It is 1,000 ft long and 450 ft wide. It has access to the large airlock on the rear of the ship that is capable of launching the large reentry pod. One reentry pod typically stays in the airlock and a second pod is inside the hanger and can be moved into the airlock once the first pod has been launched. If the entire deck were opened to space both reentry pods could be launched away from the ship in a matter of 30 seconds. If the air lock is used to maintain atmosphere in the main hanger deck then it would take at least five minutes to launch the first pod and then load and launch the second pod. There are also five mecha sized air locks on either side of the deck.

Deck seven is another mecha hanger deck. It is 400ft wide and 500 ft long. While it has ten mecha sized airlocks like decks five and six it also has a large ramp that can open at the front of the deck and mecha can launch at will. The ramp does not have an airlock so if it is opened then the entire deck is vented to the outside.

The Jeegan

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