Tommy Gunnarson


Name: Tommy Gunnarson
Age: 19
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

Attacks: 5 (7 in the Silverback)
Parry: 2
Dodge: 2 (4 in the Silverback)

WP Heavy MD Weapons: (4) +2 to strike

Radio Basic 60%
Electrical Engineering 85%
Math Advanced 85%
Jury-Rig 75%
Mecha Engineering 75%
Pilot Ground Veritechs 65%
Mecha Combat Elite: Silverback (4)
Starship Engineering 65%
Sensory Equipment 50%
Protoculture Engineer 65%
Reflex System Engineer 65%
Mecha Electronics 85%
Weapons Engineer 75%


Lt Tommy Gunnarson has always had a knack for understanding how mechanical things work and how to fix them. Unfortunately for him he also cannot obey orders when he disagrees with them without voicing his opinion on the matter. Hence his assignment in the motor pool. If he could learn to keep his mouth shut his brilliant skills with mecha repair would take him places.
Tommy was assigned to go on the mission to North america because his commanding officer wanted him out of the way.
The mission has been Tommy’s first actual combat experience. It has made Tommy realize what goes on when the pilots bring back damaged mecha for him to repair. It has already been an eye opening experience. He has also been fascinated with the opportunity, although it was brief, to poke around Invid technology. Seeing the wreckage of the hellcats and getting to pull out the power cell for the Invid speeder has made him want to look at it more and figure out how it works.

Tommy Gunnarson

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