Call me Ken.


Name: Kentomai (Ken)

Third level Bioroid officer.
Fourth level resistance fighter/intelligence officer.

Age: Appears to be about thirty years old though he only stepped out of the cloning vats 19 years ago.

H to H: Expert (4)
Attacks: 5
Attacks in Cyclone: 7


Ken was born in the master’s clone tanks to pilot the red officer’s bioroid armor. By the time the masters were defeated he was a third level centurion and a refugee on Earth. Without the constant influence of the masters he fit in well along with the other refugees into human society. Then the Invid came. He kept his head down and soon joined the resistance movement. With his limited telepathy and empathy he quickly gained skill as an intelligence agent seeking out people that could be exploited among the Invid sympathizers. He was instrumental in helping several raids on Invid protoculture storage facilities. As a reward for his good service the resistance movement issued him a “saber” cyclone and taught him how to use it.
When the Regis left Earth Ken enlisted in the UEEF and was on a transport ship leaving Earth to begin his new career when the second invasion occurred. The shuttle turned tail and followed Captain Harrison and The Hurricane Light Carrier back to Earth and set down near by in Brasil.
Ken was instrumental in camouflaging the two ships and getting support and intelligence from the local citizens. Captain Harrison saw his potential and has brought Ken in to his forces as a intelligence officer and even issued him some protoculture to power his trusty saber cyclone.


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