Hellan Lovejoy

Enlisted Fleet Enlisted Fleet Crewman with a communications M.O.S.


Name: Hellan Lovejoy
Age: 23
Pilot Specialty: VR-38R Cyclone
Rank: Petty Officer 3rd class.

Attacks: 6 (8 in cyclone)
Strike: 2 (3 in cyclone)
Parry: 4 (6 in cyclone)
Dodge: 4 (7 auto-dodge in cyclone)

H to H: Basic: (4)
Mecha pilot ground veritechs: 75%
Mech-combat elite: Cyclone (4)

WP: Submachine-gun (5) +2 strike
WP: Heavy MD (5) +2 strike

Sensory equipment: 70%
Cryptography: 75%
Electronic Counter measures: 70%
Laser Communications: 75%
TV/Video: 65%
Pilot Spacecraft: Light & Medium 60%
Navigation: 75%


Hellan Lovejoy joined the UEEF as a communications tech at the age of 18. After two botched attempts to repel the Invid from Earth the UEEF decided to change tactics so advanced scouts and communications operatives were trained to feel out the situation on Earth before another invasion was sent in. Hellan volunteered her services and she received advanced training with the new VR-38R cyclone. Her duties were to scout the enemy positions and relay intelligence back to the UEEF. At the last minute before her deployment Hellan was issued a new “shadow” variant of her cyclone. She was delivered to Earth in the belly of a shadow beta and she spent almost six months scouting the region known as “Reflex Point” During her time on Earth she could not just observe the Invid and stepped in to save human life on countless occasions. Her weapons of choice are the RL-6 Rocket cannon and the M-55 Wolverine Assault Rifle with the built in grenade launcher of course. Both weapons do not run on protoculture and can still pack a punch.
After the Regis left the Earth Hellan was reassigned to the bridge crew of the escort carrier “Tsunami”. Hellan missed the freedom of the outdoors but she accepted her new assignment without complaint. After the Tsunami fell through the Earth into the Genesis pit Hellan herded a dozen survivors into a supply hold near the bridge. Thankfully the hold had food and water but it did not have weapons or any kind of communications gear save a single helmet with a built in radio. She made countless attempts to call for help but no one answered. Until Lt Friday and Ken arrived that is. Now that the Tsunami is back on level ground and is being repaired Hellan has gone to Capt Harrison and volunteered her services as a scout.

Hellan Lovejoy

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