The second Invid Invasion


The Horizant shuttles have been located as well as some other things.

First, all twelve shuttles are intact and functional as well as is their cargo. What has held them back is their lack of mecha pilots and the shuttles did not have shadow cloaking devices. Since they are in such proximity to four Invid hives they were afraid to relocate.

Second, the presence of a population of Tiresian citizens with functioning mecha has also been discovered. Not only are they citizens and warriors they also have science masters and clone masters that have encouraged a new clone of the original “Zor” to take up the study of the flower of life and he has once again discovered the secret of protoculture. This new Zor clone is named Rahzor. The science masters have also redesigned some of their traditional mecha with a few changes to their old designs.

Captain Hollingsworth of the horizant shuttle agreed to share a couple shadow cyclones with Rahzor and the science masters who quickly discovered the secrets of the shadow device. In return they are equipping each of the twelve shuttles with a shadow device so they can relocate away from the hives.
Captain Harrison has ordered the convoy of shuttles to lift off and join his group as soon as they have functioning shadow devices.
Hollingsworth ordered two of the shuttles to leave the area the following night to test if the new shadow devices worked. A contingent of shadow equipped micronian bioroids on hover sleds escorted the pair of shuttles out of the area. They did not encounter any Invid patrols so they got away unmolested. When the shuttles were over the ocean the escort turned back and returned to their base.
Captain Harrison has issued new orders to Lt Commander Friday. While he is in such close proximity to the Invid hives he is to gather as much intelligence as possible on the enemy. A secondary mission is to gather intelligence on the new allies, the Tiresians and the science masters.



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