The second Invid Invasion

The Return of the SDF-3

A hero's welcome!

With the discovery and return of the SDF-3, and having Factory City back in orbit, the inhabitants of Earth have a celebration that lasts a week! People often comment that they feel safer seeing Factory City in the sky above. The factory can be seen with the naked eye day or night as it orbits above the Earth. When the light is right even the large ships can be seen from the surface.

Almost 2,000 refugees from Hevea depart the Breetai and immigrate to Earth. They bring their flocks of striders and herds of rams with them and join the ranching and farming communities of old North America.

The repairs of the SDF-3 are completed in a short time. Admiral Hunter holds endless conferences on how to respond to the Haydonite threat as well as how to go on the search for the missing ships that went out to find him. Most people believe they were attacked by the Haydonites and that is why they have not been in communication. The fist thing the Haydonites do in an attack is to knock out communications and disable the fold drives.

Admiral Hunter attempts to conscript the Breetai and it’s crew to join forces in the search but RahZor advises him that he will withdraw his support if he tries to interfere with the Breetai’s mission. In response Admiral Hunter backs down and does not interfere with the Breetai’s departure back to the old Zentraedi territories.

Rahzor holds a secret council with the command crew of the Breetai before the ship departs. He confides in them that he has come to a realization. With the threat of the rogue Invid group, the Haydonites and who knows what else he has come to the conclusion that the Breetai will need some sort of local support. Having Factory City a month away will not be of much help in a pinch. He came to the realization not long after the Breetai left. So he built an automated ship. It is the hull of a Zentraedi landing ship. In it’s many holds are thousands of repair drones and defense drones, and it has a large protoculture matrix. He named the vessel the Haven. It launched from the factory right before you folded back to Earth. For the last month it has been searching for a missing factory satellite. When the masters were gone looking for old factory satellites they had a list of nine possible satellites that might still be in existence. They were up to number six on their list when they had found the three and brought them to Earth. The Haven found a satellite at the last location on the list. It’s an older model and it is completely depleted of supplies. The Haven transferred it’s matrix to the satellite and powered it up. Then it folded to a location deep in space but at a location in the center of the old Zentraedi territories. That way the Breetai could fold to it, or a support vessel could fold to the Breetai in a matter of real time minutes or hours rather then a month. The next duty of the Haven is to go out to locations where supplies are piled up like on Hevea and gather them back to the satellite. The satellite has been renamed Sanctuary.

Rahzor confides in you that Sanctuary will become a portable way station for your mission. He cannot take Factory City away from Earth because the Earth and the UEEF needs it. It will be able to resupply you and provide support when needed once it has gathered enough supply’s to it. The Haven is working alone to gather supplies but once the right materials are gathered Sanctuary can build the mining machines and go to a secret location that is the only known location left for monopole ore. Publicly the only location for monopole ore has always been Fantoma but the planet has been mined clean. The Masters did know a second location but they kept it a secret buried deep in their archives. RahZor discovered it during his research to recreate the protoculture matrix. With a new supply of monopole ore Sanctuary will be able to create fold capable vessels.

The amount of monopole harvested from the wrecks around Earth is barely enough to create a dozen more fold drives. The UEEF knows this and are fiercely debating how to best put this limited resource to use. Currently the only known fold capable vessels are the SDF-3, the four destroyers built by Factory City, the Jeegan, the Breetai and Factory City itself. It is assumed the fold drives aboard the two “rescue” ships have been disabled or destroyed. There is one Caberran ship with a fold drive but they use it sparingly since their supply of protoculture is limited to what the UEEF gives them.

The Perytonians have a form of magic fold drive but it is much slower then a monopole drive powered by protoculture. The amount of real time that passes during “Teleport” is almost quadruple that of a monopole fold drive. A Perytonian teleport drive is based around their crystal technology and requires a specially trained “Pilot” to operate and aim the teleportation. It has to be a certain size and the drive has to be a minimum distance from any large gravitational source. For these reasons only their largest platforms have a teleportation crystal and they must travel a minimum of half a million miles away from a planet the size of Earth to attempt a teleport. Currently the Perytonians hold the monopoly on fast travel between the local systems but they are so rude and charge such high fees most people just make due with what they have or use slower conventional speed vessels to do their business. There are a few Perytonian business men that are making a fortune conducting trade between the local systems.



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