The second Invid Invasion

Orbital control

The clock is ticking. The Invid are getting closer to their chance to ascend to the next level. The resistance needs to get protoculture to the moon base and in return get vital supplies back. The answer came in the form of some diversionary tactics and a direct assault on one of the two Invid command carriers. With the return of RahZor and a new ally they were able to open a hole large enough to get two shuttles packed to the brim with missiles and ammunition back to the surface to Capt Harrison’s resistance fighters on the ground.
The Invid’s response was to increase their presence in orbit so the next encounter will be on a much bigger scale.
Capt Harrison is making full use of the new supplies and is making plans for a large assault on the four hives south of the Himalayan mountains. With the aid of his 300 trained cyclone riders and Thalia’s bioroid and gun bioroid troops the main goal is to destroy the greenhouses and secondary to destroy the hives themselves if possible.
Captain Harrison wishes to send four shuttles back to the moon and is requesting they return with a supply of long range missiles which will be fired from the light carriers, the Hurricane and Tsunami, as his troops are retreating.



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