The second Invid Invasion

New assignment.

To the Asian continent!

Studies of all the shared sensor data during the second Invid invasion in orbit shows a convoy of fully loaded horizant shuttles taking a massive shipment of shadow equipped cyclones from the moon base to Earth. During the invasion the convoy dove for the Earth but no one has been able to contact them since. It is estimated the convoy went down in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains north of the Indian ocean.
The group will be transported to an island in the Indian ocean by the horizant shuttle and then carried to the coast by a shadow beta. From their the group with make their way north with cyclones and Tommy in the silverback. The area has four known Invid hives spread out roughly 100 to 150 miles apart.
Tommy and Hellan will join the group again but this time Ken will remain in North America to assist in the protoculture theft operations and to try and expand the intelligence network.


I’ve created a new mech sheet for my modified Cyclone, which I’m calling the VR-046F “Hellcat” (the F is for Friday… haha). I edited the artwork to put the rail gun on the pilot’s right side, and I also put the M-25 Wolverine assault rifle in the pilot’s right hand. It doesn’t look as cool as with the RL-6 rocket launcher, but it’s still pretty sweet. I’ll make it available to everyone in Google Drive. If anyone has any requests for mech sheets, let me know. I’d be happy to do one for you.

New assignment.

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