The second Invid Invasion

Mission Complete


The mission was successful on several points. First of all the group did not stir up the Invid in unnecessary battles.
Second, Albert was located and operations were put into place to steal protoculture regularly from a hive 35 miles north of St Luis. And to top things off the group came up with the brilliant idea of simply dropping the protoculture canisters into the Invid’s own irrigation canal and letting the current take the protoculture out of the area right under the Invid’s nose. Plus Albert is training local freedom fighters how to avoid the Invid so that he can start up other protoculture theft operations at other hive sights.
Third, the group has developed a valuable intelligence network. Various freedom fighter groups have been networked in to the communication’s network and are sharing intelligence.

Capt Harrison is very happy with the results and gets permission from command on the moon base to promote everyone in the group one rank higher. (If you were not already assigned a rank that assume you started at the lowest rank and have now been promoted one rank higher.) Lt Commander Friday is still the ranking officer in your group and will continue to lead the group on the next mission.

(Dave, at the end of the night everyone got 5,000 XP for the successful completion of the mission.)



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