The second Invid Invasion

Green House down!

With their forces bolstered the Invid resistance has made a bold move. A massive coordinated strike was made simultaneously on each hive. The primary objective was to destroy the green houses before the mutated flowers and their fruits matured. That part of the mission was completed successfully at every hive. Secondary objectives were to disable any flagships on the ground and to attack the hives and hopefully destroy the brain controlling the Inorganic forces. These objectives were not all completed. At some hives the Invid were able to withstand the assaults and repel the attackers.

As the fighters retreated and the dust settled the numbers are tallied. Of the seventeen Invid hives five were able to completely repel the attackers on the ground and sustained no damage to the hive itself. Two of the hive invasions were a complete success, the brain computer was destroyed and the Invid completed abandoned the hives in full retreat. These successes were in Napa California and the hive on the Spain Portugal border in Europe. At the hive in Europe the cyclone squadron managed to kill the commander of the hive as it was attempting to retreat.

The remaining Invid at the defeated hives have consolidated their forces with another hive. The California hive occupants joined with the hive in St Louis. The Portugal hive occupants joined forces with the hive in northern Italy. All remaining Invid ships that can fly have joined the two flagships in lower orbit by the debris field. So the total count of flagships in orbit is now nine and they are joined by eight clamship carriers. Over the next week the only good news about the increased presence in orbit is that there does not appear to be many Invid occupants. Spy missions in the debris field reveal that hardly any Invid troops are with the flagships. The Invid seem to feel that the flagships are safer in orbit then on the ground. Recon missions on the ground and high altitude fly overs show that the remaining 7 flagships on the ground are being repaired at a rapid rate. The green houses at 15 of the hives are also being rebuilt but it will be months before any new plants will grow in them.

The Invid at the Atlanta hive fared well in the fight and responded by sending several dozen troops to Atlanta and leveled the city. Thankfully Capt Harrison anticipated their reaction and sent half a dozen horizant shuttles to town and evacuated most of the city before it was destroyed. In all almost three thousand people were saved and they estimate only a few hundred people refused to leave the city.

The losses to the resistance troops is as follows. Of the 300 cyclone riders 215 survived. From Thalia’s troops, 25 of his micronian bioroids were destroyed leaving 73 to continue the fight and 51 of the gun bioroids were taken out leaving 149.
Commander Scion lost 55 of his 200 battle pod battalion leaving 145, a number he is satisfied with though he does ask that short range missile launchers be added to his battle pods for future battles.
Commander Zalah lost none of her female warriors owing to the speed and maneuverability of her striker battloids as well as the nature of their mission being strictly a hit and run operation.

A message from the moon base reports that the Science and Clone Masters have arrived with the factory satellites. Without any type of diplomatic contact the factory immediately begins collecting old Zentraedi wrecks from high orbit and the three large central portions of the satellite swallows them up and begins work on dismantling them and turning the materials into parts for the new gunships. RahZor takes the commanders of the moonbase on a diplomatic trip to the factory. There they meet the masters in person. There are two science masters and only one clone master. They are shown the operations of dismantling the wrecks and the materials being turned into parts for the new gunships. As they watch parts are smelted and formed and shipped off down the long corridors leading to the factory appendages where the gunships are being constructed. All the work is being done by thousands of work drones of various sizes and purposes. The Masters explain that they retooled the factory to make the parts for the new gunships during the trip back to Earth as well as reprogrammed the drones for their new tasks.

The gunships will be mostly automated needing minimal crew to man the bridge. They will not have fold drives but they can accelerate up to 0.16 the speed of light and will have anti-gravity drives for the purpose of maneuvering the ships and slow speed operations inside the atmosphere. The main gun will have a range of 150,000 miles and a beam 1,250 feet wide. One important note is that the shadow device cannot be installed on the gunships. The shadow device interferes directly with the massive particle beam cannon and will cause the ship to blow up. Also, protoculture reserves on each gunship will allow the vessel to fire the main gun four times before needing to be recharged with protoculture. The masters estimate that twelve gunships will be fully operational in 20 days. The commanders of the moonbase quickly convene a council to select the commanders of the gunships and their bridge crews.



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