The second Invid Invasion

Cripple the Enemy

Clamship down!

With the aid of Thalia and his bioroid friends as well as a pair of shadow alphas The group managed to destroy the Invid clam ship as it was taking off to patrol the lower debris field. Feeling bolstered by their success the group decided to do a hit and run on the nearest hive while they were in the area. The two alphas opened a sizable hole in the force field and a barrage of missiles opened a hole in the side of the hive. Three brave cyclone riders ventured in and managed to find the local brain. With out hesitating they launched a barrage of missiles destroying it thus disabling all the inorganics outside. Then they realized they were pressing their luck and made for the hills.
After returning to base Hellan informs the group that the Zentraedi village to the south has sent out a distress signal. The message states that after hearing several very large explosions everything was quiet for about an hour. Then a patrol of Invid soldiers on hoversleds straffed the village and then landed, came in on foot demanding, in Zentraedi, that they surrender their weapons or be destroyed. The villagers say they plan flee to a wrecked Zentraedi scout ship buried in the jungle just north west of their village and hide there and hope the Invid do not find them.


Time to make good on our promise and relocate the village.

Cripple the Enemy

We need to get the group together to play out the rescue of the Zentraedi village. At least with the local brain out of commission you won’t have to deal with inorganic troops.

Cripple the Enemy

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