The second Invid Invasion

Bumps in the road.

The Invid have made no strangers of themselves on the trip north. While still in Florida the team found a pair of resistance fighters making a stand against an Invid enforcer. The group came to the rescue when it turned out the enforcer wasn’t alone. The pack of six hellcats were dealt with in quick fashion and they even managed to salvage a protoculture canister from the enforcer’s speeder. The party as given food and shelter for the night and pointed in the direction of the old Atlanta Georgia city where they might be able to find someone in the resistance that might be able to lead them to Albert.
The next morning the road north took them with in four miles of a known Invid hive. The group found a human truck being searched by a pair of enforcers and being guarded by three armored scouts. Lt Friday came up with the idea to draw the scouts away from the truck and the helpless humans. In the mean time Ken and Tony’s character, does Tony’s character have a name, fought the enforcers with their sabers in hand to hand combat to prevent the humans from getting hurt.
Lt Friday and Hellan first drew off the scouts then destroyed two of them quickly. The third scout tried to get away but a well placed rocket brought him down and he was quickly finished off.
The men in the truck begged for the group’s protection on the road to Atlanta and in exchange they provided a good meal. So far the group has been able to avoid breaking open their emergency food rations on the journey.
The next day the caravan arrives in Atlanta around noon. It looks like there are several thousand people living in the city. The men in the truck say that they are planning on trading their food and produce for lumber from the lumber mill, pipes and other plumbing parts and if they are lucky, one or two refurbished electric motors.
The first thing the group notices is the patrols of Invid flying low over the city. There are also enforcers in the city streets. Some are just walking around, others are cruising slowly in their speeders. There are also several packs of hellcats wandering around. The Invid do not appear to be attacking or even searching for anything, they are just making their presence known.
Ken starts asking around and finds a couple members of the old resistance that he knows. They talk in the corner of an outdoor market. They say the Invid have been showing up for the last three days. People have been plotting to ambush the Invid patrols but the resistance is doing their best to keep the people calm. They are trying to convince the people that attacking the Invid in the city will bring grave consequences.
There are fields and fields of the flower of life to the east. There is a hive complex there. A pair of resistance fighters were caught approaching the hive and the Invid dropped the bodies in the center of town the day before their patrols showed up at the city.


How long had the hive been there before the resistance fighters went to check it out? I’m wondering if the Invid felt provoked and are leaving their patrols because of that instance.

How large is the hive complex?

Bumps in the road.

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