The second Invid Invasion

Brazil base.

Population explosion!

With the addition of the Zentraedi villagers and the Tiresians the population of Capt Harrison’s Brazil base has almost tripled. Thalia sent several of his troops on hover platforms to scout the forest for a suitable place to set up his people and the Zentraedi villagers. After a couple days they found a good source of water near a chunk of an old Zentraedi wreck. Thalia guesses it is the nose of a destroyer. His drones immediately go to work salvaging materials from the wreck and making suitable living structures for his people. The bioroids clear space for fields and they are already planting crops within a couple days. Thalia says that the science masters built drones for all sorts of purposes including farming. They were only put to use for the brief period between when the Regis left and the new Invid arrived. Now that shadow technology has been discovered he says all his drones have been shadowed and can be used without fear of Invid detection. In a couple weeks the Tiresians and Zentraedi have a small town built. They have running water and even electricity provided by wind turbines. Their few roads are even covered in crushed rock to allow water to drain off quickly. They begin making contact with other villages to trade for livestock. More then a few of the Tiresians are skilled craftsmen and are quickly turning out quality furniture, pre-fab buildings and other items to trade with. The Zentraedi are good farmers and work in the fields along side the drones.
The drones slavage a couple protoculture storage devices from the wreck and Thalia’s hover platforms take them to the matrix and get them charged. A pair of the devices hold more then enough protoculture to keep the drones running for a couple years.
Thalia’s mecha troops spend a majority of their time at the Harrison’s base waiting to be deployed to fight the Invid.
Most of the people at the base live in either the Hurricane or Tsunami carriers. The 13 horizant shuttles are in the area but do not have built in living quarters. There is a training field set up to teach new recruits how to pilot the cyclones.
Lt Commander Friday wants the ship yards on the moon powered back up so they can convert several of the horizant shuttles into combat drop ships. He has volunteered to join a distraction raid on the Invid in orbit to allow some horizant shuttles to pass through the debris field without fear of Invid detection. The horizants that get through will be carrying enough stored protoculture to make command at the moon base happy, for a little while anyways. The new source of protoculture will also allow the moon base to start up production of missiles and other ammunition.



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