The second Invid Invasion

A New Era

With the mere threat of the new Archer Class gun ships the Invid were persuaded to leave Earth behind. Now that the Invid are gone the people of Earth are once again free to go about their business as they please.

The giant factory satellite with it’s dozen appendages dismantled the outer debris ring in a matter of weeks but it took almost a month to dismantle the much larger inner or lower debris ring. The factory remains in low orbit and can be seen with the naked eye from the Earth’s surface. It’s supply holds are full from reprocessing all the wrecks in orbit.

The Masters are using the extra materials to benefit the people that are trying to rebuild society. Their original plan was to build a massive automated city that everyone could simply move into but this idea was dismissed because the masters were convinced that the people would be better off if they built their society on their own. So the masters changed directions and instead have built a network of depots around the globe. Each depot is near a large natural source of water. The depot consists of a power plant, a water and sewage treatment plant and a landing platform for a large anti-gravity vessel modeled roughly after the Zentraedi reentry pod. It resembles the pod in size and shape. The main difference is the bottom half of the large cargo area is reserved for cargo containers and a second upper deck is added to be used by passengers. There is a large gathering area, a couple observation areas to look outside and even small cabins people can use if they wish to travel in private. The “reentry pods” were quickly renamed “Cruise Liners” and eventually it was shorted to just “Liners”. More then a dozen Liners make regular stops at most depots. At firsts the Liners were completely automated but most are now manned with a small crew and service personnel to manage the passengers and respond if there is trouble.

To encourage people to build towns and cities around the depots the Masters are providing prefab housing and hooking all the buildings to the water, sewer and power network. Some depots are centered around farming towns and others around ranching communities as well as others have production type businesses.

A world wide communication network was also installed so no pocket societies are left alone in a time of need. With the world connected it was only a short time before a world currency was implemented. With all the UEEF soldiers wanting to spend their “credits” it was no small jump to make the Credits system a world wide currency. Local people can sell their goods for credits and then turn around and buy what they need.

The Masters did get to build their city eventually, but it was not on Earth. They built it in the upper level of the factory. One level is a sprawling city measuring three miles across. The next two levels below are each automated farms that grow a large assortment of fruits and vegetables and the there is a even a pig and cattle ranch on the level below the farms. People in Factory City often comment that the air smells better now that there is a ranch on board, they say the air smells more real. The civilians in Factory City run businesses that cater to the many soldiers and travelers that come to the factory while their ship is serviced or repaired.

The UEEF’s main base of operation is still the moon base though there is a secondary headquarters on a deck located above Factory City. All the fleets vessels are maintained at the factory so there is always a good number of soldiers on leave in Factory City.

The lower two sections of the factory and the appendages are still used for their original purpose. They produce mecha and ships and also repair and maintain the ships. The second level or middle level also makes vehicles and machines for civilian use. Now that there is a world currency people are wanting to buy vehicles, tractors and many other machines. The masters and the UEEF engineers came up with the designs and it is a simple matter for the factory to produce them. All proceeds of the sales to civilians go to the UEEF. The Masters refuse to take any compensation and often comment that they wont live much longer so they couldn’t spend it anyways.

The UEEF is still concerned about the protection of the planet so more then a dozen ships were rescued from crash sites on Earth. Along with another two dozen Archer Class gunships provided by the factory they were also able to repair three escort carriers and eight more Garfish transports and six more horizant shuttles. Now a veritable fleet circles the Earth and Moon at all times. There is still active recruiting going on to fill those ships with pilots to man the many empty mecha. There is always the fear that the Haydonites will return and they want to be ready.

Commander Lorna took the Jeegan on a search and rescue mission to find any remaining Zentraedi that may still be alive. Most were killed when Dolza’s command structure exploded but her reasoning is that if she survived, maybe others did as well. The Masters provided her with a list of likely places she may find survivors and they installed a pair of micronization chambers to one of her drop ships so she won’t have to bring back any at full size. She has been gone two months. Her ship is capable of faster then light communication and she has been making regular reports. So far she has had limited success. A commander of a crippled Zentraedi destroyer had put all his troops into hibernation but did not put himself in hibernation. After ten years he went insane and has methodically woken up his soldiers one at a time and hunted them down in some sort of demented sport. When Lorna arrived it was evident he was beyond rescue so she killed him herself while piloting a striker battloid. She did find that he hadn’t been able to kill all his troops because there was almost 200 male soldiers still in hibernation. She woke them up and micronized the lot. They joined her crew and quickly acclimated to the mixed gender society aboard her ship. On another stop they found a colony of full sized Zentraedi females. They took turns in the few hibernation chambers so have only aged about fifteen years in the last thirty. They were on the verge of starvation when Lorna found them and were also happy to join her crew as micronians. Lorna still wants to stop at several more locations before returning to Earth. She also reports that the new additions to the crew should get used to the mixed gender society a little longer before they come back and try to live among civilians.



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